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drawings by Holly Olson

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art gallery 5

These are all hand drawn and scanned.

Watcher in the grass:
This picture started with eyes and then just filled out.  I think I start all my pictures with the eyes.


Sunny Center Stage.
This picture is on my sorrows_favorite_bouquet profile.  She was origenally for Rena_singer, and all done in pastels and ink, but then I put to the paint shop, and this is what I got.


Riesen Jones, in bone armor.
This was to show what my Character was learning under the training of Rhazghul.  She is now his bride, and has another look. sn a_riesen_for_living.


Riesen in her leather under armor.
This was the model to designe her armor around.


Another Riesen.
This was my second model for Riesen Jones, but the one I used the most.


Thrice Holly.
This was my fairy that inspired others, such as Trillium.


A hobby gone way to far and inspired by off the wall things.