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drawings by Holly Olson

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Art by Holly Olson
All Art on this site is mine. Please ask me if you wish to use it.

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Please watch for updates, this page is not finished.

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As a chat junkie and RP fiend, I have collected a lot of drawings for my characters.. these are my own creations and I put them here to avoid any more confusion with downloads and skiddish servers.

First I will show you my latest works, so I will have to update this page a lot.  I am mostly taking my favorite older drawings and reworking them in my computer.  I do most of my drawing by hand, and only detail them in the computer.


This is the latest incarnation of madam_q_00no.  The first drawing worked well for a couple of years, but I just had to refresh her a little.


Thanks for dropping by and taking a look at my drawings. Please get in touch with any comments or reactions!

A hobby gone way to far and inspired by off the wall things.